Puttytwist :: Full Spectrum Visual Artist

Taking Responsibility for the Function of Art

Suzanne Moulton is a native New Yorker who has transplanted to Portland, Oregon.
It is in Oregon that she has found a progressive and environmentally conscious
community in which to focus her directives behind her art. With her art training and
background in Illustration and Design, a great deal of S. Moulton's work is narrative
based. Yet never one to be pigeon holed and ever watchful of becoming a one trick
pony, S. Moulton's collection also includes works where the narrative is fussy or all
together obscured.  Her portfolio spans the gamete of artistic media as well as
content. S. Moulton has professionally designed rod puppets, theatrical sets,
furniture, restaurant interiors, and p.o.p. product displays. While on the left side of
her brain, she paints rustic abstracts and neoclassical compositions, assembles
dressed marionettes,  and sculpts interpretive figures.
Focused on Women's Issues
Encourages Environmental Awareness
Supports Cultural Diversity
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